OneLandmark Place, ca 1860
The small brick structure, now adaptively reused, is the only remaining example of a number of carriage houses that lined Crouse Place (now Landmark Place) as far as State Street. The throughway to State Street was closed off by the addition of the New York Telephone Company Building. Fine brickwork in the cornice of the main facade and the keystones in the round-arched windows of the second story show that attention was paid to detail even for service buildings. It once served the William Teall House, which stood on the site of the former University Club. The bay window has been added, but the loft windows and doors are original to the building. A carriage used for special occasions was lifted by pulley to the second floor for storage, with grain and hay brought into the second story through the smaller windows. A wrought-iron stairway leads to the loft. The ground floor was occupied by quarters for the grooms, horse stables, and the everyday carriage.
- Copyright 1993 Evamaria Hardin

In 1982, Joseph and Mary Gorgoni moved into a part of the building on a rental basis. They eventually took over the entire building. With aspirations of converting the building into a beauty salon, the Gorgoni's went through the pain staking process of development without disturbing the buildings architectural integrity on the exterior, and keeping the interior reflecting the original charm.

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